Occasionally I have the time and inclination to make a quick video about a topic that keeps coming up during lessons. The videos are not really intended for public consumption so they are all unlisted on YouTube but the links on this page all work.

  • Fingering
  • ,
  • Legato 8ves
  • ,
  • chords
  • ,
  • Orchestral Imagination
  • . More to come in due course.

    I started teaching whilst I was just a teenager, deputising for my mother (a well-known local piano teacher) when she was away or ill. Forty years later I find that my own students are now helping me. Moreover, their professional activities are probably more interesting than my own. So, I have decided to create a page with links to their websites and concert activities in the hope that they will remember to keep me up to date with their progress. And if you are a former student and not in the list it probably means you have not kept in touch…. Please let me know if you want to be included. (The following list is in roughly chronological order.)